Is your community engaging in:

            discussions - planning - advocacy - communications - needs assessments - collaborative work - collective action

​around early childhood? 

Let us know. We would love to learn more about what is working in Montana communities. 

What's working in your community? 

The Funders for Montana's Children is always looking for allies and partners. 

​Are you an organization, individual business, etc. that is interested in early childhood issues? We are always looking to learn more and get input. Please contact us if you would like to take part in calls, meetings or other gatherings. 

Are you a funder interested in investing in early childhood in Montana or just want to learn more? Please get in touch to learn how we can make a difference together. 

For more information please email us at  or use our contact form

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The Advancing Early Childhood Education Fund and Endowment were established through the Montana Community Foundation to help shape Montana’s future by providing proactive, strategic leadership and funding for collaborative, targeted projects that make a difference at the most critical times in a child’s life. It is anticipated that the fund may be used for public education; research; information gathering; direct care for children; and education of providers.

Donations to the area of interest fund are tax deductible. 

Donations to the endowment fund qualify for the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. 

Please see the Montana Community Foundation website to make a donation.