The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the Bank’s Helena Branch in cooperation with the Funders for Montana's Children released a new report examining the economic benefits of early childhood development for Montana’s children on Jan 22, 2018.

Press Release

The research is clear; the experts agree – everything we need to function as a productive human being forms in our brain in the first years of our life. Yet, early childhood development initiatives are often overlooked or underfunded.

Research has demonstrated that nurturing relationships and rich experiences in the earliest years help children develop initiative, problem solving, creative thinking, and team building skills. These competencies are critical to success in school, and later in the workplace and the larger community. The foundation for these capacities is formed by the age of 5.

 To bring such success to Montana’s children, we will work with key leaders and stakeholders to build a statewide coalition to influence policy makers and leverage investments in a comprehensive system of “best in class” early childhood services and programs.

Funders for Montana’s Children members represent philanthropic organizations who have joined forces to ensure the well-being and future productivity of Montana’s youngest citizens. Our vision is a vibrant, prosperous Montana where children reach their full potential and are prepared to contribute to their communities and our social and economic vitality. 

Funders for Montana's Children